First Protected Zone, Protection Zone

First Protected Zone
Protection Zone

within Triglav National Park, National Park

Slovenia Gorenjska, Goriška Bled, Bohinj, Kranjska Gora, Bovec, Kobarid, Tolmin

km2: 314.8861

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outdooractive 64769539

Triglav Narodni Park

Triglav National Park is divided into three conservation areas. The first and second conservation areas together form the central area of the park, while the third conservation area forms the peripheral area of the park

The first conservation area is primarily dedicated to the conservation of natural features, primal wild areas, flora and fauna and their habitats. Here, the natural development of ecosystems without human intervention is encouraged. Traditional grazing in the high mountain pastures and the preservation of cultural heritage are also allowed.

Laws and Regulations

Triglav National Park Act ZTNP-1 Republika Slovenija July 15, 2010
Regulation on limit values ​​of noise indicators in the environment Republika Slovenija July 7, 2018
Regulation on the protection of wild fungi Republika Slovenija Aug. 15, 1998
Regulation on protected free-living species of fungi Republika Slovenija Aug. 6, 2011
The Law about Wildlife and Hunting ZDLov-1 Republika Slovenija May 20, 2004
The Law about Environmental Protection ZVO-2 Republika Slovenija April 13, 2022
The Law about Freshwater Fisheries ZSRib Republika Slovenija June 28, 2006
Triglav National Park Act
Triglav National Park Act

Rules and Regulations for specific Outdoor Activities

Note: This area is located in other protected areas. The rules replace or extend the rules of Triglav National Park, National Park .

  Triglav Narodni Park   Javni zavod Triglavski narodni park

Motor vehicle


Motor vehicle is allowed in/on Officially public dedicated streets/places .

Water sport


Water sport is forbidden in/on Total area of the territory .

Collecting plants


Collecting plants is forbidden in/on Total area of the territory .

Mushroom collecting


Mushroom collecting is forbidden in/on Total area of the territory .



Fishing is forbidden in/on Total area of the territory .



Swimming is forbidden in/on Total area of the territory .

Bathing animals


Bathing animals is forbidden in/on Total area of the territory .

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