Ankerschlag, Wildlife Refuge

Wildlife Refuge

within Naturschutzgebiet Karwendel, Nature Reserve

Austria Tirol Innsbruck Land

km2: 1.9892

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Naturpark Karwendel

Hunting expertly created, with a decision established wildlife refuges in which special, in the Tyrolean Hunting Act established restrictions, exist! Wildlife refuges areas give the wildlife space for an effective retreat from stressful disturbances during feeding times!

Laws and Regulations

Verordnung Wildruhefl├Ąche Ankerschlag
Tiroler Campinggesetz
NSG Hasenwinkel
Tiroler Naturschutzgesetz
Tiroler Forstgesetz
Verordnung Naturschutzgebiet Naturschutzgebiet Karwendel
Tiroler Jagdgesetz 2004 TJG 2004 Aug. 21, 2021

Rules and Regulations for specific Outdoor Activities

Note: This area is located in other protected areas. The rules replace or extend the rules of Naturpark Karwendel, Nature Park | Ruhegebiet Eppzirl, Quiet Zone .

  Naturpark Karwendel

Entering the area


Entering the area is allowed in/on Designated paths/places .

Entering off the beaten path


Entering off the beaten path is forbidden in/on Total area of the territory .