Kapfel Schartenköpfel, Forest Wildlife Sanctuary

Kapfel Schartenköpfel
Forest Wildlife Sanctuary

Germany Bayern Garmisch-Partenkirchen

km2: 0.6975

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Forest Wildlife Refuges were created as part of the DAV campaign "Skibergsteigen Umweltfreundlich" and are based on voluntariness. Caution! To protect the forest and its wildlife, this area is a voluntary no-trespassing-zone. This is part of the DAV campaign "Skibergsteigen Umweltfreundlich". Violators may be prosecuted.

Laws and Regulations

Verordnung Wald-Wild-Schongebiet Rosengarten

Rules and Regulations for specific Outdoor Activities

  Naturpark Ammergauer Alpen   Deutscher Alpenverein e.V.

Entering the area

dtp_snow_forbidden_regular | dtp_winter_forbidden_regular |

Entering the area is forbidden in/on Total area of the territory when it is Snow in Winter .


dtp_calendar_regular | 01.Dec- 15.Apr

Hiking is forbidden in/on Total area of the territory from 01. December until 15. April .